Best Mattress Guide and Reviews 2020

Getting a good sleep is very rare in nowadays life, as it depends on every matter starting from the stress of your life which leads to insomnia. On the other hand, it also depends on the type of mattress you select which can lead to sleepless nights. Buying a mattress is a confusing task as it holds a lot of things like the cost, the type you select, etc. In this article, the beginners can able to get an idea of choosing their best type mattress which even fits their budget too.

Choose The Type

The following listed are some types of Mattress that best suits your needs like your health condition or allergic conditions.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress best suits older people as they need movements of the bed to be reduced while having their good night sleep.  This mattress helps to distribute the user’s’ body weight to be evenly distributed. This also molds the body of the user when pressure and heat are applied and molds back once the pressure is removed. After a huge success of this memory foam nowadays it is widely used to develop cushioning layer for helmets and the the shoes. In order to stop the back pain for the users, this mattress is specially designed to give a restful and good sleep to the users.


A Latex Mattress is nothing but an eco-friendly type of mattress which is manufactured using the collected fluid of a rubber tree in the internal part of it. This mattress is considered as the best type of mattress for back pain. The hypoallergenic components present in this mattress allows users to enjoy a healthy lifestyle ever on the globe. There are different types of Latex which are natural latex, Synthetic Latex, and Blended Latex.

  • Natural Latex – It is also called as Organic Latex which is found in the rubber tree as a milky fluid and this fluid is refined by using some refining methods which is thus named as Organic Latex.
  • Synthetic Latex : It is similar to Organic Latex which is available at a cheaper rate. It has very shorter durability time than Organic Latex but it is not firm.
  • Blended Latex : It is a mixed process of both Organic and Synthetic Latex with 80% synthetic and 20% organic which comes as a cheap rate but with good durability and worth for the money.


This is also called as Spring Mattress which is one of the more popular types of Mattress among all others. It is built internally with coils consisting of three components. They are Support Layer, Comfort Layer, and Fabric Cover.

  • Support Layer – This is also called as spring core which is the main part of the interior which is developed by thousands of steel springs (also called as coil springs).
  • Comfort Layer – This is the top layer which is constructed with various fibers in order to provide the comfort surface of the Innerspring Mattress. The foam used here may be polyurethane or visco-elastic or gel foam, etc.
  • Fabric Layer – It is the comfort and support part of the mattress mostly made of polyester yarns and come with different colors and different patterns.


The spring part of the Hybrid Mattress plays the main role in it. The difference between the better quality and the cheapest quality of Hybrid Mattress is that the better quality always consists of encased coils. The cheapest quality comes with Bonnell formation. In the base of the Hybrid Mattress there consists of additional layers and also consists of multiple latex or foam which forms a hybrid mattress. This Mattress comes with innovative designs, of low cost, and also provides a better quality of sleep. It also provides very comfort to the user who is sleeping at the sideward position.  Read Full Hybrid Mattress Review


It is also called as the sleeping pad or air pad which is mainly filled with air inside but not with foam or springs or Latex. For expanding this type of Mattress there are different methods to follow like an electrical pump and something which is similar to this pump. Mainly people used to prefer this type of mattress for comfortable sleep and to get relief from their back pain problems. These type of mattress can be blown up so easily and also can be used as a permanent bed for the peoples. The affordable cost, as well as the flexibility, provides this mattress to be considered as the best among all other types.

What to Look for In a Mattress

The reason for why sometimes you stay awake whole night or have a fitful sleep could be an uncomfortable bed or mattress. So we have included below a thoroughly researched and summarized list of points you need to focus on before buying a mattress.

  1. Firstly you need to be careful about how long you have been using a mattress. Average time period of a mattress before it loses its flexibility is 7 – 8 years. So make sure you don’t use a mattress for more than 8 years or it might cause body pain and other problems.
  2. Mattress should be long and wide enough to accommodate your whole body with enough space left to move at night. If you are about 6 ft tall you should go for the largest size mattress as even slight uncomforting could be the cause of a fitful sleep.
  3. Wrong mattresses could trigger some pressure points in your body causing pain and trouble. So before you buy a mattress make sure to check it out by lying down for minimum 10 minutes.
  4. Check for the comfort and Support in the mattresses. If the mattress does not ally with your spine, it might cause pain the next day and major problems in the long run. Edges should also be hard and strong so that you don’t fall down while rolling around.

At times when you can’t sleep properly, you stay tired and cranky all day long causing troubles to yourself and to others. But to have a good day all it takes is a perfect dreamless sound sleep.

How to Select the Best Mattress

The best mattress for you is the one that supports you fully in your sleeping position. If you are a back sleeper, support in the lower back area is a must as it is the most stressed point in your position. So a mattress with innerspring and that supports lower back area is best for you. For Side Sleepers a mattress that takes shape according to their body contour is best as they lean into it. So they should try for Foam mattresses. Stomach Sleepers tend to bend in an awkward position which might cause trouble in their lower back and spine. So the best one for them would be Latex Foam or a Hybrid mattress as it supports as well as bends according to the contour.

Following we have included Reviews of a few Mattresses to help you choose.

  NECTAR BED – The best among all is this one. Tested under hundreds of lab conditions, this unusual 4 layered mattress comes with 11 inch foam mattress with gel memory. This mattress provides support with comfort and also adjusts to contour of any kind of sleepers
 LAYLA Mattress – This one comes with a copper and memory foam combination and also has the cooling effect. Best for the Side Sleepers, this 3 layered mattress comes with a hard upper and softer lower side and you can flip it according to your comfort.
 NOLAH Mattress – Recommended for people with back pain, it comes with memory foam materials and 7 inch Polyurethane Foam and provides bounce with support and also contours to the sleeper’s body.

These tips are sure to get you a perfect mattress that is comfortable and helps in having a good night’s sleep. But if still you didn’t find what you wanted, don’t stress as we will answer everything for you. Contact us or drop a comment and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

There will always be a situation where one will find the perfect bed for them to sleep in later at their house but here comes the issue about one important thing, the mattress. The mattress is a very important component of any bed as it makes the client comfortable and provides enough protection to keep issues and health problems to affect them. There are many mattresses in the market but there is no concrete or constant place where one can invest in a product that is equally good looking and reliable. Fortunately, here is a complete and comprehensive guide as to how one can easily choose and purchase the best mattress that is able to fit their needs.

What is a mattress?

A mattress is usually a very small or large pad that is well used and known for supporting a reclining body and its main application as a bed for people to sleep in every day. The mattress is made of a foam that can sometimes have memory functions and springs that know the weight of the body and they accordingly give the person their own unique living experience. They are mostly made with a foundation and have springs and flexible wood in between them to provide the ultimate sleeping experience.

Buying Guide

While buying any mattress there are specific factors and ideas to be considered so that one does not encounter any issues later and they do not face any hassles. So here are 3 main things that one needs to look at so that their purchase is well worth it.

  • Choosing The Right Size

When shopping for a mattress the size of the bed needs to be taken into account so that the mattress can be brought in the matching size and one can fit it comfortably in the bed and enjoy their sleeping experience. There are mainly 3 types of mattresses that one can choose based on the bed size

  1. King size: this mattress is for those who have an extremely large room so it can fit the largest bed size to accommodate as many people as possible. This mattress type has materials which are more concentrated towards comfort and bounce and less on stiffness making the overall sleeping experience much more viable. This mattress can fit up to a maximum of 4 people.
  2. Queen size: this type of mattress is for those who have a much smaller bed than the king size and want something which is smaller and can be moved much more easily. This category is the most popular and many companies use the medical aspect of mattresses and incorporate their technologies to make it more attractive. This type is a balance of soft and bouncy and even stiffness giving the user an experience which is unlike any other and they are able to judge how their sleeping experience is. This mattress can fit a maximum of up to 2 people and is usually reserved for medium sized houses which have little smaller rooms.
  3. Mini bed: this type is exclusively for 1 person and not much more. Here companies sacrifice on most of the features that most people look out for and they usually go for the extremes to entice customers i.e. extremely soft or extremely hard and ultimately giving the customer either a very good or very bad experience. This type of mattress is strictly for those who are on a very tight budget and cannot afford something which is of a very high quality.

  • Set Yourself A Budget

When buying a mattress one needs to set themselves a budget or in layman terms a set amount of money so that they know what product they are spending on and the final investment made is well worth it. Also, there are many mattresses at various prices so one needs to choose very carefully and as long as the product is covered under warranty, it can be deemed as a very good purchase.

  • The Right Manufacturer

There are various manufacturers to choose from when buying any mattress as they all have their own strengths and weaknesses so that they attract their client in their own unique way. For example, brands like Peps and Sleepwell have their own technologies incorporated into the mattress such as memory foam and even soft springs so that one’s sleep experience does not get affected that much. Also, there are international ones such as Amerisleep and even Loom&Leaf where they have eco-friendly mattresses which focus on comfort while not compromising on high-quality components ensuring that the sleep experience is safe and sound. In the end, though it is completely up to the customer to decide as to what suits them the best and all in all enjoy the final experience.

Take Allergies Into Consideration

Rubber Tree Sap

Rubber Tree is mainly used to develop Latex Mattress and the sap of the mattress is likely to cause infection to the people who are using this type of Mattress. Peoples who are using rubber latex products can suffer from this allergy. The Symptoms of this allergy are Chest Paining, running nose, swollen eyes, and sneezing leads to this allergy. Avoid using rubber latex products to stop suffering from this allergy.

Dust Mite Allergy

A tiny creature within our home can create big problems and one among them is Dust Mite Allergy. These dust mites are too small to be seen by the eyes, but with a microscope, they look like bugs. The symptoms of this allergy are Sneezing, running nose, cough, itchy nose, etc. The best way to prevent this allergy is to cover all your mattress with dust-proof covers which are also called as allergen-impermeable. Try to wash the sheets once for a week with hot water in order to reduce this Dust Mite Allergy.

Memory Foam Allergy

As stated by a Doctor, this memory foam consists of chemical materials which call for the allergies to the human body.   Pesticides and formaldehyde are the harmful materials used for developing memory foam mattress. The symptoms like itching in eyes, swelling, skin problems, vomiting; diarrhea, flu, etc. are some of the symptoms of this Memory Foam Allergy. The solution behind this Memory Foam Allergy is that add a cover which serves as an armor for your body thus by preventing Memory Foam Allergies.

All of us don’t know but according to health experts, we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping. And yet we don’t appropriately equip the bedrooms in our houses with the right kind of mattresses. There are ways in which one’s bedroom mattress determines well-being and facilitates healthy or unhealthy sleeping habits. Choosing a good mattress is not only a quintessential part of ensuring a good night’s sleep but also keeps bodily stressors like neck pains, headaches, fatigue and even racing and unstable thoughts at bay. The below mentioned information would throw light upon the type of mattresses to look for one’s well-being and to induce a healthy sleeping routine.

Parameters and Technology

  • Miracle foams!

The material using which the mattresses are designed are the parameters on which one’s ‘sleep experience’ depends. The mattresses shouldn’t be either too hard or too soft. Mattresses that are too hard to sleep on disrupts a healthy sleep pattern. And the excessively soft ones tend to be non-supportive of the sensitive neck and back areas which further leads to physical pain and inflammation.  There are plenty of companies out there which design mattresses using materials like memory foam and latex. Choosing the appropriate one might be tricky. A comparison on the same would help buyers choose better for themselves. Mattresses made of memory foam are known for relieving pressure thereby providing comfort but unfortunately comprise of an unhealthy physical component. The latex ones are made using natural and healthy physical component but are not as comfortable as the former. Choosing among both alternatives can be a conundrum. And for solving this dilemma another alternative namely natural memory foam mattresses has been introduced.

  • Springy technology

One of the most popular mattresses is innerspring mattresses which have been in markets for decades.  Consisting of three layers namely support, comfort and fabric layer, these innerspring mattresses offer good motion isolation. This means that if one’s partner is tossing and turning in the bed then one wouldn’t be disrupted at all. The innerspring mattresses are more economical as compared to its memory foam and latex counterparts. Created using steel coil technology, buyers wouldn’t have to worry about the durability factor since it is quite long lasting and hardly deforms with time.

  • ‘Sleep’ is in the air! 

Another highly durable and comfortable type, the air mattresses are also emerging as a popular choice among the buyers. Apart from using it for indoor purposes, these air mattresses can be used for outdoor camping and outings. People who absolutely detest sleeping in car seats can roll an air mattress in the back and use it during their trips for a comfortable sleep! Memory foam mattresses may begin to show signs of sagging with time but air mattress retains the good old shape with regular inflation. Read more

  • Hybrid Mattresses 

As the name suggests, these mattresses are a hybrid between innerspring and foam (memory/latex) mattresses. These types are flatter as compared to its traditional counterparts. Designed using a mixture of innerspring and foam technology these mattresses are more comfortable, durable and great for contouring the whole body as compared to innerspring mattresses. These types come with a unique feel which may appease some.

  • Cushioning effect 

Gaining huge popularity, pillow top mattresses are the next type on the list. These types give the same cushiony and soft feel as the memory foam ones at that too at a lower price. A survey suggests that a large proportion of people have experienced a decline in their back pain with its usage. The extra padding layer is sure to provide a comfortable sleeping experience to all. However, it is necessary to closely examine the major physical components used is the designing of such mattresses since some materials are prone to the development of indentations.

  • Boon for babies 

Crib mattresses are definitely a boon for one’s child. Such mattresses can be used in the crib and ensure that the little one doesn’t develop conditions like spinal scoliosis with time as result of sleeping on a wrong mattress. Moreover, these crib mattresses also facilitate proper blood circulation in the child’s body. A crib is necessary to meet the growing bodily needs of a child and thus, a complimentary crib mattress can contribute to the growing process positively.

  • Down to earth!

Floor mattress is an ideal choice for parents who fear that their toddlers may roll off from the height and hurt themselves. Floor mattresses are undoubtedly cheaper than traditional bed frames and are thus a judicious choice if one has recently spent a huge amount on an apartment. However, floor mattresses may not be popular among the elderly since they may find it uncomfortably low.

  • The Futon Mattress – traditional beds

Being a huge space saver, a futon mattress can be easily rolled up and stored and is highly transportable. This type is an ideal choice for people who fear that they may fall off from their traditional beds. Read full futon mattress review

How to Customise the good old Mattress

In order to give the traditional mattress a more personalised look, mattress toppers are a perfect choice. Providing a layer of comfort, these toppers would ensure that one is able to sleep like a baby. Apart from enhancing the quality of sleep, mattress toppers offer a protective layer to the mattress thereby prolonging its lifespan. Other than choosing the type of mattress, it is important to choose mattresses according to health conditions in order to avoid worsening the same. Read Best Mattress toppers reviews.

Mattresses for Everyone

Mattress For Back Pain

People with back pain must ensure that the mattress is firm enough to provide support to the lower back area of the body. It should be soft enough for back-sleepers and should be slightly cushiony for side sleepers whereas a firm mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers. Read more about Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers

Mattress For Heavy People

People who are comparatively heavier might want to use mattresses that are at least 12” thick. Since heavier bodies would create more pressure on the mattress as compared to thinner ones, this would provide a deep compression support.

Mattress For Restless Sleep

Mattresses offering Zero Motion Transfer are ideal for the restless sleepers out there. This implies that if one’s partner is tossing and turning in the bed then one wouldn’t be disrupted at all thanks to motion isolation technology!

Beds and Pillows

Apart from choosing a right mattress for one’s bodily requirement and well-being, it is also important to choose an ideal bed and a pillow in order to promote healthy sleeping habits. One should ideally buy a new bed along with a new mattress simultaneously since a new mattress on an old bed wouldn’t last as long. Choosing a right pillow is as important as choosing the right bed and a right mattress. One must choose pillows according to their sleeping styles. Stomach sleepers must choose almost a flat one whereas side sleepers must use a softer pillow. People who are back-sleepers must choose a medium high one.

Read more About Body Pillows


Lastly one of the key elements of a healthy lifestyle is a good sleep routine. In order to ensure a good night’s sleep, it is equally important to choose just the right pillow, mattress and even the right bed. To conclude this comprehensive guide will give the persona very basic idea as to what a mattress is and how there are many types to choose from so that they do not get confused and buy something they do not like. In the end, though they need a good night’s sleep and any mattress will be able to give them exactly that making them happy. The process of choosing an ideal product can be frustrating but a right knowledge along with a thorough research on the internet is enough to enlighten minds!

By considering the above factors, it is clearly shown that choosing best mattress is not a simple task but a difficult one. Hope this article will provide guidelines to the beginners who are unaware about the types and allergies caused by the mattress.