Resort Sleep 10 Inch Cool Memory Foam Mattress Review


This flawless mattress by the company Resort Sleep is everything you need. The mattress is an unbelievable product. It is a great product and is a big home improvement. If you are looking for a cheap yet comfortable mattress, then this is the one. Just like other products by Resort Sleep, this one is a flawless one too. It is beneficial for your health and is an amazing product.


This visco mattress by Resort Sleep will cradle and treat you with it’s unbelievable comfort in a deluxe cushion of 2.5-inch Premium Air Flow Visco-Elastic Foam.  This layer is on the top of the layer of a Memory Foam with Gel Infused. The mattress also has a very thick High Density Firm Support Base. on top another layer of Gel Infused Memory Foam plus an extra thick High Density Firm Support Base.

The mattress is soft and plush. It is not too bulky or heavy. So, it is quite breathable. The mattress will relax the tensions in the muscles of your body and will give you luxury and comfort. It also reduces stress and gives ensurity of a peaceful and deep sleep after your day. It will wash away the fatigue of the day. The core of the mattress is Classic HD foam. This eliminates back pain and also reduces the pressure points. The mattress is easily washable. It ensures that no toxic chemicals has been used in it’s crafting. The mattress also has a twenty year warranty.

  • Customers who have been using the product are very much satisfied with it.
  • The mattress has no major drawbacks. Majority of those who have bought the mattress are satisfied with it and why wouldn’t they be? From luxury to durability, this mattress has it all. It is a great product and isn’t a let down.
  • However, the reviews and feedback it received is mixed. Some regarded it as too soft, some say it is too firm. The so the confusion and boundary line is present. But the ideal option is in between these two.



The mattress has a lot of facilities that make it worth a purchase. It has bestest quality you’ll ever come across. The mattress is also breathable since it allows good flow of air. The mattress is known to eliminate any kind of pressure that you feel on your body.

The mattress ensures full comfort and makes sure that you get a good sleep and do not feel weary  in the morning. It promises non toxicity and the weight of this mattress is sixty pounds. That is not too bad for a mattress. Unpacking and setting it up is not hard as well.


The mattress is not a bad product. It is a big room improvement since it is a very high quality product. This one was just not made to disappoint.

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