Best Queen Size Memory Foam Mattresses – Buying Guide & Reviews

Queen size memory foam mattress are a sort of in between for people or usually couples who can not fit on one single mattress but at the same time, do not want a queen sized one either. The queen size memory foam mattress is used widely around the world and especially the United States. It is ideal for couples and has a width of 60 inches and length of 80 inches. The depth lies somewhere between 12 and 17. These are further of many types and materials.

Some of the best queen sized memory foam mattress found on Amazon are given below. Read also about best mattress review

High-Selling Queen Size Memory Foam Mattresses – Price Table

Product Brand List Price Title
Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen Zinus $289.00
Signature Sleep 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Signature Sleep $276.50
Best Price Mattress 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Best Price Mattress $135.94
LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Lucid® $193.47
Synwell Sleep 10 Inch, Queen Memory Foam Mattress Synwell Sleep $262.69
Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Zinus $154.00
Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Cloud-like Mattress, Queen Zinus $289.00
Zinus Responsive Memory Foam Comfort Support MattressQueen Zinus $239.00
LUCID 2 Inch Foam Mattress Topper Queen Size Lucid® $48.69
Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress Zinus $189.00

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel Max Mattress

Arrives with a customer star rating of 4.5 out of total 5 stars. You can buy this product for about dollar 449 right on Amazon.

It contains a good layer of Air infused Memory Foam. The layer is about 1.5 inches in thickness. This is the first or top most layer of the mattress.

The second layer includes a Gel-Max memory foam, this layer takes care of all the levels of comforts one needs while sleeping on the mattress. Theres also a mesh included in the mattress which allows better airflow inside the mattress, making it all nice and breatheable.

  • Customers are really satisfied with the product. some say that it takes away many different types of pains and is really comfy. Some customers have even said that it is as if they’re sleeping on a cloud. So light, so soft and nice to sleep upon.
  • A very few customers have said that the mattress started to sit from the middle and it didn’t suit the side sleepers. They also say that due to this, the mattress becomes all comfortable and annoying to sleep on. The result are pains and different problems right in the morning. Others have not been happy with the shipping and have rated the mattress to be bad.

As it provides medium-firmness, some say that the bed mattress is really very firm and not upto what they expected it to be because they expected it to offer more in such a price

Live Sleep Resort Elite Medium Firm

The bestest quality you’ll ever come across. Breatheable, allows good flow of air. Is known to reduce any kind of pressure that you feel on your body. The covering is removable. The textile is really smooth and soft. The mattress ensures all levels of comfort and makes sure that you get a good sleep and do not feel tired in the morning. The warranty timing of this mattress is about 20 years. Every single wash you do, will make the mattress even more softer and it will look even more newer.  

It promises non toxicity and weighs for about 60 pounds.  

  • Customers who have been using the product have given it a very satisfactory customer rating of 4.5 out of total five stars.
  • The customers say that the mattress is famous for its softness. You might think that it is not firm at all. The customers say that the additional pillows are not of bad quality either as you might expect, rather they are perfect too. some customers have even said that this is one of their best purchases when it comes down to buying mattresses. The customers seem satisfied with the delivery timings too.
  • There are minimum to no drawbacks mentioned on the mattress however, there are some mixed reviews. Some customers say that it is too soft, some say it is too firm. The so the confusion and boundary line still exists. But the ideal option is in between these two.

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Especially known to relieve stress. The memory foam measures to about three inches. The comfort foam measures to about two inches. Arrives with a customer rating of 4.5 out of total five stars. As the name suggest, and for a good detoxification, the mattress includes an extract from green tea. This extract is helpful in maintaining the freshness and purity of the mattress. It is manufactured in the colour ‘’white’’. And weighs for 67 pounds.

  • About this mattress, the customers say that this is literally the best thing they’ve ever slept on. The mattress has a great material. It is not too soft neither is it too firm which is perfect. It is comfortable to sleep on. People who have had back problems say that it reduces their back pain to a great extent.
  • Some customers say that this product is really very wide which is unnecessary. So before you go on buying this product do measure your bed before investing because you might regret the decision of buying it later on. Some customers have complained about the width of the mattress saying that it is too wide that they almost sink right into the mattress and that’s really annoying and uncomfortable at the same time.

As it provides medium-firmness, some say that the bed mattress is really very firm and not upto what they expected it to be because they expected it to offer more in such a price range.

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Arrives with a customer rating of 4.3 out of five stars. You can purchase this on Amazon by paying dollars 252. The upper layer is a comfortable foam, made with a measurement of 3.5’’. After it, follows a high density layer of 8.5’’. it is manufactured from products that are not ozone depleters, in case you love keeping the environment safe and healthy. It is also made of materials which are free of flame retardants. These materials also contain a low amount of VOC.

This mattress is known as a ‘’pocket-friendly’’ mattress. Which ensures all the zones of a comfortable sleep. The mattress is also said to reduce any kind of stress acting on the body. The mattress is breatheable and there are no complexities or hard rules when it comes to washing. The washing process is really easy and takes no time. The mattress weighs for about 68.2 pounds.  

  • The mattress, according to the customers is ideal for those who prefer rigidity and for those who do not prefer a very soft material when it comes to buying mattresses.
  • The customers say that this mattress is life changing, in a way that it provides you with all the comforts of sleep and relieves pains. It arrives in a very nice packing too. the delivery is satisfactory as well.
  • Some customers have been highly unhappy with the product. The customers say this product is hard as a stone and they do not like this point of the mattress.



Is extremely pocket friendly. Comes with a price of dollar 135.6 and you can purchase it on Amazon for this price. Arrives with a customer rating of 4.5 out of total five stars. The foam used in the mattress is all comfortable and nice.

As it promises, when you sleep on this mattress, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping write above a cloud. It is as soft and smooth as a cloud. Also it is very lightweight.

  • There are no pressure points in the mattress which provide you with a more deep and better sleep.
  • The customers using this product say that it is what it promises to be. It is soft and smooth and you’ll feel it right when you sleep on it.
  • The packing in which it arrives is amazing too. however, the customers have suggested not to cut the bag it arrives in.
  • Some customers have been complaining that there’s a smell which they experience when they use the mattress. Some customers say that they have gotten used to it. Some say that they expect it to go after a good two to washes.
  • But some are not happy with it at all. Some customers also say that the mattress tends to lose it firmness really quickly and so you might not like to use such a product for long term and when buying it, you must not expect it to last you very long.

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You can buy this mattress for about dollar 129.99 with the advantage of free shipping. The springs present in this mattress are heavy duty coils. The mattress has a cushion film support that comes with it. The zinus present in it has the ability to infuse the foam with extraction from green tea.

This is done because green tea can remove oxidants and so the green tea makes the mattress fresh and the person using the mattress fresh too.

The manufacturers have kept the quality of foam in mind too while manufacturing and so, the foam used is of a very high quality. The mattress makers have promised to ship the mattress with extra care and properly packed.

The mattress weighs for about 56 pounds. Not only does it provide proper shipping and delivering facility but the mattress is also made with the use of a great anti-oxidant. The antioxidant used has been tested or its safety.


The customers have loved this product and say that it is not just a mattress but provides one with freshness and provides the person with purity. You can’t normally expect a mattress to do all that this kind of mattress does for you. It’s all that you’ll ever want a mattress to be with some extra packages.

The type of material used in the mattress is basically ‘’steel’’ with a blend of polyester. It is breatheable, lightweight and what not.

If you want not just a mattress but something that can provide you with health too then definitely check this one out. The extract of green tea along with the strong springs used in it make  perfect blend and result into a perfect mattress like this one.  


There is no reported drawback or flaw of this product.


You can purchase this memory foam mattress right on Amazon for about dollars 216.7. this mattress has a ‘’sleep’’cool, coating scheme and has a two inch ventilating comfort foam present in it as well. There is also a presence of a gel.

The gel has the ability not only to provide you with a cooling effect but also has the ability to provide you with support. The bottom is made with a material that is not slippery. This ability provides it to perfectly fit on the bed and makes you all comfortable. the border is piped (satin piping). The mattress comes with a warranty of about 10 years by the manufacturer which is totally great.  


The customers who have been using this mattress have given it a star rating of about four point six out of total 5 stars. Which is satisfactory.

The customers say that mattress might take some moments to get used to which every mattress does need. The mattress is fully supportive towards your body. Provides it with full comfort that your body needs. It curves with your body keeping your back all balanced and nice. Customers also say that it is a great deal in return to what you pay for it. It is not as firm as you might expect rather it is quite ‘’medium’’ category.


A few people are still not satisfied with the mattress and say that the mattress has not been able to fulfill their expectations and they were expecting more from it.

Nature’s Sleep Cool IQ Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Comes with a star rating of about 4.3 out of five stars. It costs for dollars 149.9. It has a microfiber fitting covering. The topper of the mattress is made with thickness of about 2.5 inches. Made with an anti viral and bacterial material. It has a elastic technology, known as a visco elastic technology.

The material is especially made breathable. The mattress also includes a microfiber to keep it in place. And not just in place but also keeps the mattress safe and secure.


The customers have been quite satisfied with the quality of the mattress and say that it is a great product, totally worth investing money into.  

Some customers think that the product is not upto their expectations. Mainly because the pieces they got were defected. Some of them came covered with stains and some of them had a very weird smell.


The customers were highly disappointed with the delivery and have been saying that they expected much more and got nothing in return of the money that they had invested.


Arrives with a star rating of about 4.3 out of five total stars. You can buy this mattress for about dollars 89.5. you can buy this product for this price nowhere but right at Amazon. The mattress is known for its softness and has a quality foam used in it. It is said to improve your lifestyle because sleeping has a great effect on your moods and your daily schedule therefore, this product is known as a ‘’life changing product’’.

The mattress is especially designed to keep your body temperature to low and make you feel cool. It reduces the stress acting on your body. The mattress is about 60 feet wide and 80 feet long.


The customers say that the you can obviously notice the change in your body right after you start using it. People say that the mattress appears as new no matter how many times you tend to use it, you won’t ever notice its quality getting bad or you won’t encounter any kind of problem like that.  

On the other hand some customers say that the mattress is still not what they had expected. Especially, their rigidity is what they dislike a lot. The mattress is so firm that some people don’t like to use on it especially the ones who are used to soft and fluffy mattresses to sleep upon.


There is no reported drawback or flaw of this product.

Overall, every person using the mattress is happy and satisfied with it and the problems encountered are, minor to none.


This is for the people who do not know much about buying a mattress and what to consider while you opt on buying one. 

A mattress plays an essential role in your life. you might not notice this point but a mattress might change your lifestyle and your daily routine. So buying a good quality mattress that matches your body postures, your comfort and etc is extremely important and essential.

So the question arises, what are some factors or points that you should consider before you go buy a mattress.

To answer and solve this difficulty for people, given below are some basics that will help you to select the right type of mattress which will fit nicely in your room.

Comfort is a number one point. You should look for a mattress that fulfills your  comfort zone. If you have a bone problem kind of thing, then you must not buy a very soft one. Opt for one which is a bit rigid. This might even fix your bone problems on the other hand, if you want something really soft and comfortable to sleep upon, and you can not simply sleep on a hard mattress, then do a bit of a research before you go and decide which mattress you should buy. The research will tell you if the mattress is rigid or soft.  

The next point to be considered is durability and warranty timing. You must consider the warranty before you buy a mattress. You can not simply invest in something that won’t even last you for a good period of time.

Price must be a top consideration too. there are so many mattresses out there tha might ask for so much and might give very less in return. Comments and reviews on the products must be considered too. the reason being that they give you an idea of what people who have bought a specific mattress have experienced while using it. You don’t wanna invest a heavy amount of money and regret it later on. Do you?

Some other points include the size in accordance with your bed and the type of material. The mattresses made nowadays also have a positive and negative effect on your health. For instance, the one containing green tea extracts provides you with purity and freshness. So you must also study which type of material has been used in the mattress. Do select a mattress by keeping the quality and material in view, because they can prove to be very helpful in improvement of your health.

The quality of delivery is a top point. People spend so much money and to their disappointment, when they open or unpack the product, the piece is either defected or not upto their expectations. The piece arrives damaged, spotted, torn and etc. you can easily find out what the previous buyers of the products have commented on the delivery. NEVER spend on a mattress that you’ve read had arrived damaged because that’s a total waste of money and you will regret it.