Casper Sleep Mattress, Queen


Casper is a private company. It has the mattresses which are manufactured in Georgia and one other place. The casper company is basically located in the United States and have headquarters in many other regions too. They sale online and you can buy its products right at Amazon.

Casper is famous for the sleeping mattresses that it manufactures. It is all about a blend of comfort and looks. The company keeps the preference of customers and their wishes on their list and keep this list in view when they manufacture a mattress. The mattress however, does not  include any cushions with it.


casper sleep mattress

The mattress is manufactured with four layers. The layers provide the mattress with bounce. And not only bounce, but the mattress is made breathable too with maximum ability to take air in. Along with this, it also provides balance and support.



The hypoallergenic latex which is used in the composition of the mattress, keeps the the mattress cold and comfortable all night long. The item weighs for about 88 pounds and arrives with a warranty timing of ten years. It is manufactured in a greyish colour and is made out of foam. So, foam is the basic material used in the mattress.


Although the manufacturers say that the warranty timing is ten year, it works much more than that as the customers have reported. It fits perfectly for people with heights from short to tall. Customers have said that the mattress has fixed their back ache problems quite nicely. The customers have also reported that the mattress makes your home complete and that they would definitely re purchase it if they have to.

There are little to no disadvantages that you get when you buy the mattress however, some customers are still not satisfied as this has not fulfilled their needs. Some say it is too firm and others say that it is just overly hyped, it does nothing extraordinary.


If you’re a person who has problems like back ache, or who suffers from a very disturbing sleep schedule then try this mattress out. As the customers have said, this has fixed their back pains.

If you want to invest in something that works for you for a very good amount of time, this mattress is perfect in that way too. the mattress is very comfortable, and provides a medium rigidity. Which means, it is not too rigid and neither is it too soft. The customers are highly satisfied, and you must be satisfied too, once you use it.  


The customers have rated this mattress to about 4.3 out of five stars. The customer reviews on the mattress were quite satisfactory and positive. Most of the customers talked about re purchasing it which shows how they have been loving using the mattress. Overall, the mattress is a good one and suits almost every kind of person no matter what height they have or even if they prefer soft or rigid mattresses. It is just an in between.

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