Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

This mattress is a great product by the company Best Price Mattress. The mattress has been made to satisfy all the needs of those who purchase it. It has been regarded as a great product and all those who have bought it are very much satisfied with the purchase.

Just like other Best Price Mattress products, this one is flawless. It has been built to fulfill the needs of the customers in every department. Not only are these  mattresses extremely comfortable but they also come for quite a cheap price.

Product Specifications :-

best price mattress topper

There are a lot of advantages and facilities that make the mattress worth it. The mattress provides amazing comfort. This comfort is due to the body-conforming memory foam. Due to this memory foam, the mattress becomes more comfortable and relaxing. Another great thing about this mattress is that it comes with a cover that is zippered polyester mesh. This allows you to sleep soundly and deeply without getting disturbed.

It has a two point five inch layer of high density foam and a one point five inch layer of memory foam. The mattress has a five year warranty. So, if anything goes wrong with the mattress in five year time after the purchase, the company will get it fixed without charging you. The active suspension stops the motion from transferring between those who are sleeping on the bed.

The mattress has been made using first class materials so, it advances in luxury.

The mattress also decreases pressure points. Once you lay in your bed, you will feel the mass of your body will equally be distributed among different parts of the bed.


The mattress has a lot of advantages. These advantages make it worth the price tag. The materials used in the making of this mattress make sure that it is fully clean and comfortable. The mattress has been built using no toxic or harmful substances that may hurt or have a negative impact on your body in any way.

The mattress weighs twenty nine pounds. That is not too heavy. So, unboxing the mattress and setting the mattress up does not consume much power, energy and time. However, the mattress is also very durable and long lasting. So, it will probably last for a considerable amount of time. No major deflect has been reported by those who have bought the mattress.


The mattress has a number of qualities that make it worth a try. Despite all these plus points, the mattress still comes for a low price. You will surely love it and will not be disappointed by the mattress. It is truly a great product that has been built with care to bring luxury and comfort to all.


This product overall is great. It has everything you ask for. The mattress is a truly a masterpiece and will not disappoint you . Give it a try, this mattress is worth it!

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