5 Best Metal Bed Frames Reviews 2020

Strength, durability, and affordability are the three best words that describe a metal bed frame. Having known for its unquestionable support, a metal bed frame is constructed in such a manner that one will be able to not only assemble but also disassemble it in no time. Some of these frames come with capped legs that make them safer and easier to move. They are quite compact in size and usually leave no scratches on the floor. If you are, therefore looking for the best metal bed frame within your budget, go for a metal one.

Best Metal Bed Frames Compared

5 Best Selling Metal Bed Frames Reviews 2020

Zinus Compack Adjustable Steel Frame

When the name, ‘Zinus’ comes to mind, it relates to the best metal bed frames. With its capacity to fit the full size and king beds, this Zinus steel frame is so compact that it will hardly take any space to install. What makes it stand out is its sturdy foundation that will provide full support to the user, no matter how much he/she weighs. Its 9-leg construction is worth mentioning while its center bar support makes it high on stability.

Easy to assemble, this steel bed frame from Zinus can be installed in a few steps. As mentioned earlier, its nine legs have been provided for extreme safety. Rather, these legs have been constructed in such a manner that they won’t hurt at all. So, there is nothing to give a second thought to it if you are willing to get a metal bed frame from Zinus.


  • Compact in size that will hardly take any space to set up
  • Comes with 9 legs for steady support and more strength
  • Takes a few steps to assemble it with ease


  • Lack of a screwdriver with the set that can make installation swifter
  • Instructions for assembling are provided only through images


Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Frame, Queen

One of the major concerns of homeowners is whether the new bed frame would fit in a small space. Olee Sleep T-3000 is just incredible in this respect and also because it brings on extra storage space for keeping clothes. With slats made of pure quality steel, this frame has been designed to give immense support and strength to heavy mattresses. Also, you don’t need those box springs, which earlier used to follow those old-style beds.

When it comes to installation of these best metal bed frames, Olee Sleep T-3000 will take no time at all. Moreover, you can easily fold it that will make a lot of space in your bedroom. No matter how much you have spent on your floor, it will not leave any scratches on it. In other words, this metallic frame from Olee Sleep is value for money and can always be considered by homeowners.


  • Takes very little space to set up and fits a small size room
  • Makes ample space for storage under the bed
  • Does not leave scratches on the floor after installation


  • Not enough support provided for the mattress
  • Makes a squeaky noise that can be quite disturbing for the user


Best Price Mattress Metal Frame

Here comes a super innovative and an excellent sleeping solution in the form of Best Price Mattress Metal Bed Frame. If you had earlier dealt with box frames, this would be a smoother alternative as it is extremely user-friendly. High on strength and durability, this metal bed frame is quite easy to set up and makes an ample storage of about 14 inches under the bed. What makes it stronger is its steel construction that will also provide unquestionable support to any mattress.

What will also make homeowners relieved to hear is its compact size that hardly takes space in a room. It would perfectly the Queen size of 60 x 80 x 14 inches. In terms of style and affordability too, this metal frame is a big yes.


  • Very user-friendly and provides good support to the one lying on it
  • Quite affordable in comparison to other metal bed frames
  • Solid steel construction makes it super strong


  • Not strong enough to take big weights
  • Mattress does not remain in place and slides off often
  • Cheaper than low profile box springs


Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Metal Frame

If you had always preferred replacing your old bed with that of heavy duty steel construction, go for the Classic Brands Hercules Metal Bed Frame. Forget those same and old box springs as this stylish frame is itself foldable and comes with an assurance to support all types of mattresses. With its ability to fit the majority of Yanni Premium metal bed frame just meets frames, it can take a box spring for support or can also go without it. Being 14 inches high, it comes with legs fully capped for ensuring safety.

Bedding storage is one of its added advantages that measure up to 13 inches. You will not even face problems in installing the mattress because it will not take less time but will also take very little space. It’s indubitably a recommended product for all who are looking for a quality metal bed frame.


  • Bed frame is foldable that makes enough space to set up
  • Can support all types of mattresses easily
  • Flexible enough to support a box spring
  • Installation is not time-consuming at all


  • Makes noise while the user is lying down that is quite disturbing
  • Sufficient number of screws goes missing with the pack


Yanni Premium Steel Platform Bed Frame

Looking for a complete bed frame that eliminates the necessity of buying a headboard and footboard separately? Yanni Premium metal frame just meets your purpose with its ability to support a full-size mattress. Being a rock solid twin size frame, it completely discards the compulsion of a box spring and rather offers solid support. So, if you are worried whether a good night’s sleep is possible or not, stay rest assured that you will be safe and sound.

With a standard height, this is one of the top metal bed frames to complement your sleeping position, especially with its metal slats. Having a capacity to hold on to a weight of 350 pounds, this metal frame is easy to assemble that can be done within an hour. Of course, it’s quite elegant and is sure to add a fresh look to your bedroom.


  • Comes with a headboard along with a footboard for more safety and comfort
  • Needs no box spring and can fit a full-size mattress
  • Can hold up to a weight of 350 pounds


  • Directions to assemble the bed frame are not given properly
  • Mattress often slide from its position
  • The installation process is not so simple


Factors to Consider Prior to Buying the Best Metal Bed Frame

One of the reasons why it is so important to choose a sturdy bed frame is its assurance of strength and support to the user while he/she is asleep. As far as the choice of 21st-century homeowners is concerned, the majority prefer considering frames made of metal. Although there are many who stick to steel, the advantage of metal is that it adds not only strength to the bed frame but also complements the look of a bedroom.

Since metallic bed frames are available in multiple styles, it often becomes difficult to choose the right one for your room. So, here are a few points to keep in mind prior to buying a awesome metal frame. Take a look:

Best metal bed frame

  • How strong it is – Unless a bed frame is strong and supportive enough to carry big weights, you should never be convinced to buy it. Just remember that you need good long hours to unwind and therefore, the frame you will choose should have an impressive construction so as to fit a heavy mattress.
  • Is there extra support – A metal bed frame is quite sturdy and durable. However, there is no harm in looking for extra support. For this, you can always choose a bed that comes equipped with a sprung matted base. This would actually bring you a stronger surface for your mattress. So, even if you get a cheaper mattress for your bedding, it won’t cost you much and you get additional support at the same time.
  • Is there ample bed storage – If you remember those old box springs, they are no more going to bother you with a modern metal bed in place. So, these modern beds usually come with sufficient underneath storage space where you can keep a good lot of things. Therefore, do not ignore or forget asking your manufacturer about the provision of underbed storage, which is a must with all bed frames.
  • Is it noise free – This is one of the most serious concerns for one who is going to buy a metal bed frame. The noisier a bed frame, the worse it is, and imagine those sleepless nights you are going to have thereafter. So, be very careful about the construction and check whether any part has been loosely attached. Furthermore, when a mattress is placed upon, the noise can be unbearable.
  • How faster it can be assembled – Today, the majority of bed frames demand quick assembling. With time, moreover, there have been massive changes in the construction techniques of frames. Where the conventional ones took hours to set up, the advanced metal frames actually take 10 to 15 minutes on an average to complete the installation. So, hassle-free installation is, of course, a significant consideration for choosing the best metal bed frame.

Apart from these crucial points, you must also ensure that the bed frame must match up with the weight capacity you will be exerting. Once your chosen suitable frame meets all these considerations, you can proceed to own it.

Why Should You Buy Metal Bed Frame

Is it only look and style that matter all in choosing a metal bed frame? Well, intelligent homeowners would always prioritize safety and then welcome other secondary factors. However, it is true that metal bed frames outscore those of steel in the aspect of look but matches well in terms of strength and support.

So, if you are really keen to know as to why a metal bed frame should make way to your bedroom, here are a few probable reasons. Take a look:

Top metal bed frame

  • Safety is assured – With a metal bed frame, you can stay free of the fears of sudden collapses during the night. In fact, these frames are so strong that they will stand as a shield against pests and fire, which can further trigger destruction. So, where there is metal, there is safety.
  • Durability is promised – Just think of those wooden frames that fall apart in no time, and this is where metal bed frames rule over others. Even if you are worried about termites, just keep those worries away with a pure quality metal bed frame.
  • Assembling is painless – Unlike frames made of wood, metal frames take no effort and time to assemble. In fact, one can disassemble a metal bed frame without much hard work.
  • Style is sustained – Nothing can beat the look of metal bed frames in comparison to those of steel. Rather, these are available in different styles and sizes as well.
  • Affordability matters – Metal bed frames are always cost-effective than wooden and steel frames. They even score high in terms of longevity that makes your investment worthy.

What’s Our Evaluation for Metal Bed Frame?

Choosing the right bed frame is not always an easy task. While making the choice, several thoughts keep circling the mind that often leaves one in a state of dilemma. So, what is important is doing quality research work, taking opinions, reviews and feedbacks that can ease one’s job of choosing the best metal bed frame.

Based on all these factors, we have finally brought some crucial points that will be beneficial in this respect:

  • Stays Sturdy and Strong – Among other bed frame components, beating metal in terms of strength for others is too difficult. So, there is no doubt saying that metal frames are strong and steady any day, any time for anyone. Even it gives the best support to mattresses, which is also a very big advantage.
  • No such extra tools essential for installation – Believe it or not, metal bed frames do not require extra tools for installation. Just keep a screwdriver that is often needed for quick installation. Otherwise, the time taken to install a metal bed frame is not even an hour.

Best metal bed frames

  • Does not burn a hole in your pocket – If you are really willing to make some good savings, metal bed frames will certainly do justice. These frames are way too pocket-friendly in comparison to others. So, with a minimal investment, you will be getting a rock-solid, sophisticated and long-lasting bed for a good night’s sleep.
  • Safety prevails at the end of the day – There is nothing more to say than stating that metal frames are the safest and will never ever fall off the ground. Just keep an eye on the brand that will let you identify the best from the rest.


If you are having a small space, a limited budget and an aesthetic mindset, a metal bed frame is sure to leave you a happy homeowner. Where you are assured lifelong safety and long restful hours of sleep for years to come, there is nothing that would divert you from buying such cost-effective bed frames. Just keep your researches handy, a few brands along with a handful of essential features in mind before choosing the best metal bed frame.

Sleep Well, Feel Safe!!

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