5 Best Bed Frames For Heavy Person Reviews 2020

Sleep is necessary for all, whether he/she is a child, a middle-aged woman or one who is obese.

However, the difference between others and an obese is that the latter needs a sturdy bed frame that can assure more comfort and pleasant sleeping conditions.

It’s just that the bed frame should be strong enough to support the person’s weight.

Moreover, the material of the frame should be strong enough to ensure complete safety for him/her.

So, make sure you are aware of your own weight and accordingly, buy the best bed frame for heavy person.

Best Bed Frames For Overweight People – Compared

Brand NameWeight (lbs)Our RatingPrice
Zinus 14" Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation
( Best All-Around Heavy-Duty Frame )
59.55 / 5 Check Price
Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame474 / 5 Check Price
Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Heavy Duty Bed Frame47.75 / 5 Check Price
Malouf Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame
( Budget Pick )
29.14 / 5 Check Price
Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Bed Frame
( Runner-up )
254 / 5 Check Price

Review Of Top 5 Bed Frames For Heavy People 

#1. Zinus 14″ Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Zinus, the renowned brand known for constructing herculean bed frames, has now brought a sturdy yet a noise-free sleeping solution for those who are overweight. No more typical box springs as Zinus Elite Smartbase comes with a smarter make along with an under bed storage space. Made of premium quality steel, this bed frame assures solid support to the user and therefore, proves to be the perfect fit for all who are tall and big.

With a height of 14 inches, Zinus Elite Smartbase simply rules over others in keeping heavy people happy and secured. Furthermore, it involves no hassles in installation as there is no requirement of tools. What makes it count among the best bed frame for overweight people is its folding design that results in easy storage. So, keep no dilemmas alive while choosing this extra strong bed frame from Zinus.


  • Equipped with 12 support legs and has a very sturdy construction
  • Eliminates the use of box springs and has good storage space
  • Effortless to move around and disassemble as well


  • Damage may be caused to the legs if excessive weights are inserted
  • Looks a bit conventional like old bed frames

#2.Classic Brands Hercules

No matter how heavy you are, Classic Brands is here to gift you peaceful nights of quality sleep with its Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame. This 14-inch mattress foundation includes a solid steel-frame construction for providing adequate support to all types of mattresses. If you, therefore, had any old box spring or a traditional frame, simply replace it with this robust bed frame. Equipped with a foldable platform, it makes enough support for a rigid surface as well.

A lot of homeowners have been found with happy faces while using this bed frame from Classic Brands as it takes a few minutes to install. Even you don’t require additional tools for the installation. With ample storage of 13 inches beneath, this rock-solid bed frame is superb for heavy people.

Best bed frame for overwright people


  • Steel frame construction gives it strong support
  • Can be folded on its own that makes enough space
  • Installation takes a few minutes and requires no extra tools in the process.


  • Makes a squeaking noise that can create disturbance for the user
  • Construction is not so durable as questions are raised upon its slats

#3.Olee Sleep T-3000

Overweight people can now enjoy long hours of undisturbed sleep on this amazing bed frame from the house of Olee Sleep. One of its striking advantages is that it takes a minimal space for installation owing to its steel slat support. The good news is you have got a chance now to throw your old box spring as Olee Sleep T-3000 brings an ample storage space underneath. So, whether there are linens, woolen clothes or anything you want to store, you will have enough space.

What stands responsible for its unmatched strength is its steel frame construction. In fact, it complements even heavyweight mattresses without having even the slightest chance of sliding. Well, it looks quite modish and can be folded on its own. In other words, it is one of the best bed frames for heavy couples without any doubt.


  • Steel slat support makes it stronger and also easier to install
  • Very flexible to support all types of mattresses with no chances of sliding
  • Large storage space provided under the bed..


  • As slats are spaced too widely, it doesn’t go well with memory foam mattresses
  • Consist of sharp corners that raise questions on safety


#4.Malouf Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Style, sturdiness, and safety come amalgamated in this new-age heavy duty metal bed frame from the house of Malouf. Smooth to move it to and fro, it comes equipped with rug rollers that make it advantageous for heavy-weight people. Being absolutely flexible to fit Full, Twin and Queen mattresses, this 21st-century-bed frame can be easily assembled and that also within just ten minutes. The two rollers provided can also be locked for double protection.

What people worry about bed frames is their center-support, and this Malouf metal bed frame has a 1.5-inch center support that gives it extra strength. Besides, it comes with Tri-Support braces that no doubt makes it a durable bed frame. If you are keen to add a new look to your bedroom, this is the best bed frame for fat person with its black matte gunmetal powder coating will do complete justice.



  • Flexible to fit Twin, Queen, and Full mattresses
  • Takes no time to assemble and takes only 10 minutes to install
  • Comes equipped with rug rollers and wheels for easy movement..


  • Leg caps are not so strong that puts a question on support
  • Poor construction and the wheels do not rotate easily


#5.Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg

For all overweight people, what matters most during their sleep hours is comfort and security. To prove it true, Kings Brand Furniture brings a 7-leg heavy duty metal bed frame with sturdy locking wheels and rug rollers. With an outstanding center-support, it boasts of a steel metal frame for unquestionable support to both the headboard and mattress. As wheels are added, this metal bed frame takes hardly any effort to move. No matter how much a person weighs, this bed frame has immense strength and durability.This company offers one of the best heavy duty metal bed frame.

Assembling it takes not more than ten minutes. In fact, the installation process is also quite hassle-free as it does not require tools in addition. What makes it worth the investment is that it can be easily adjusted to Full, Full XL and also Twin size beds.


  • Provides full-fledged support to mattress and headboard
  • Steel metal frame construction makes it score high on strength
  • No extra tools required for installation that takes place in a few minutes..


  • Not designed to go well with king sized beds
  • Screws not provided that can be used for fixing the headboard


Things To Consider Before Buying Bed Frame For Overweight Person

If you think you are too heavy to own a separate bed, the most important thing will be to choose a suitable bed frame. In this process, you need to keep a good number of things in mind. This is simply because the bed frame you will be choosing should be so strong and sturdy that it must be able to hold on to your weight while you are asleep. Needless to say, weaker bed frames are prone to accidents, and nothing can be worse than falling off the bed, especially when your body is in complete rest.

Finally, if you are ready to shop for a new bed frame to make your slumbers more peaceful, here are a few points you must consider prior to making the choice. Let’s take a look:

  • Avoid cheaper models – When it comes to choosing bed frames for heavy people, do not compromise on quality as that might cost a lot in the long-run. Bed frames that weigh too low will carry minimal chances of supporting heavy weights. So, if you are going to judge a bed frame in terms of weight, there might be risks. Instead, look for weighty bed frames that are certainly going to be worthy.

  • Consider your weight along with others – You might be accustomed to sleeping with your dog, and then, imagine the consequence of adding up more weight when you both will be lying together on the bed. You might even prefer sleeping with your partner who also weighs much more. So, it’s better for you to be sure your weight as well as that of others on the bed. This would help you chose the exact bed weight.
  • Read reviews and draw comparisons – If you know anyone who has recently bought a bed frame for being overweight, just go and have a look at it. Enquire about its capacity, its construction,its price and everything that would give you a fair idea prior to hitting the shops. To save time, you can go through reviews on weight capacities of bed frames. Surely, this is going to help you in making the right choice.
  • Choose bed frames of steel – Nothing can beat the hardiness of steel in bearing heavy weights. Although they might not outscore others in style, you will at least gain the confidence to sleep safelyon these beds. If possible, look for additional support bars complimented with metal brackets.
  • Check the mattress without fail – After you have chosen the bed frame, the mattress too needs to be chosen with care. Remember, sleep is a necessity that must also ensure quality as well as quantity. Therefore, a mattress should be good enough to fit the bed frame you have chosen, or otherwise, the whole purpose of owning a separate bed frame will be defeated.

So, whether you have fallen prey to obesity or looking for a hardier bed frame, the above-mentioned points will no doubt help you shop for the best sleeping solution.

Guidance For The Best Bed Frame For Heavy People

Are you new to the job of buying a bed frame for someone too heavy? Are you not confident enough to choose which bed frame will support your weight? Well, you need to have proper guidance in this respect, or otherwise, you might be misled to shop for an inappropriate frame that would bring sleepless nights.

So, we have researched well and have accumulated a handful of points that will help you choose the best bed frame for heavy people. Take a look:

  • Look for metal frames – Although it is said that steel frames are good for support, metal frames take care of both look and strength. Just bring any mattress and believe it or not, a heavy duty metal bed frame will add to its lifespan. Furthermore, installing a metal bed frame is painless and you can do it in quick time. It makes best platform bed frame for heavy person without doubt.
  • Check the capacity it can weigh – It’s quite clear that an ordinary bed frame is not going to work for someone too heavy. So, checking the weight capacity of a bed frame is very important. Rather, it’s better if you can look for bed frames that can lift up to 4000 lbs weight. Once you are aware of the weight of your new heavy duty bed frame, you can then only make the choice. 
  • Check the online reviews – Reviews help a lot, be it online or offline. In fact, it’s easier to take multiple bed frames into comparison and find out the best one. So, whichever frame you want to choose, try going through its customer reviews.
  • Check the brand – Brand always matters, whether you are heading to pick a cool pair of sneakers or a bed frame. In fact, it is a must for you to consider the brand in this respect as the bed frame will be taken for an obese.

Benefits of The Best Bed Frames For Obese People

When you start gaining weight, your priorities keep changing and accordingly, you make adjustments. However, if you are overweight, you might have to make compromises with your prevalent sleeping conditions. In other words, you need to choose a new bed frame so that it becomes beneficial for you to improve your sleeping postures and health conditions as well. So, a new bed frame is always a necessity for all those who are subject to obesity.

Now, let’s find out how beneficial it is for one to choose a bed frame who is overweight:

  • More safety assured – In comparison to the old bed where you had been sleeping till date, the new one you will choose will be strong and sturdy. It will be much stronger and weighty to carry your weight. This would double your safety and security during your sleeping hours.
  • More space added – If you are looking for a bed frame for yourself, you will know that the new one will be more spacious that will make you more comfortable to take a good night’s sleep.
  • New construction–Overweight people are usually advised to choose bed frames made of steel or metal. So, it’s certainly going to be beneficial if you are willing to get rid of your ordinary bed and bring in a stronger bed frame, be it steel or metal.
  • Customized support – Being overweight, if you want to ensure that you are completely supported, no matter what you place on top of your frame, you must always prefer buying a heavy duty model.This extends the lifespan of the bedframe as well.


Now that you are ready to buy the best bed for a heavy person, you must have known the types that would support your weight. If you prefer sleeping alone with your partner or your pet, make sure to add all weights so that it becomes easier for you to choose the appropriate bed frame. Furthermore, check the frame’s center support that must be strong enough to take big weights. Remember, your sleeping hours will depend a lot on the bed frame you will be choosing.

Happy Slumber!!

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